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for people who want a car dream washing cars, but a limit on the dream you draw it could be far more than me (laughs), because this car red even higher. more than Some models cost more than a year ago. 
Nearly one hundred thousand baht (a lot!), Which is caused by tax adjustments increased the government itself. Do not lose hope It also offers an attractive alternative. For people who want a good quality car. 
The statements set that is. "Used Cars,"  which is the industry's attention more and more. We may have a lot more red cc cars at cheap prices. The document does not need to be complicated. It sold at Prices will not fall too much. 
But anyway You should have knowledge of techniques Used cars are especially Browse coverage from some insurers. The second problem is likely to damage the parts more easily than red label, of course. If you do not see it as expenses escalate in the future. 
The selection of car insurance coverage can be used to help control expenses well, that is. "Extended warranty program AsiaCare for second-hand cars that run" to guarantee Parts. You worry at all costs in the future. At this point, many may wonder what it is.  Extended warranty program AsiaCare Unlike car insurance, what? (I was shouting loud that it's me)  

1. When engine problems. 
Extended warranty program AsiaCare serves to cover damage that occurs to the parts of both mechanical and electrical, which includes more than 191 items, but insurance will not cover any. In cases when the parts are worn or 

2. when the accident occurred. 

This is the opposite Extended warranty program AsiaCare are not protected in any way. When a car accident occurs. But the auto insurance coverage in case of accidents. This could cover the cost of therapy. 
Depending on the type of coverage of each of the selected 

3. Time Service Center. 

Under this program, extended warranties AsiaCare that your vehicle will be serviced and claims the standards and terms of service. Each brand itself It is guaranteed genuine parts and warranty work after the repair is completed, including wage insurance. The requirements depend on the center. I have said before that the program extended warranties AsiaCare guarantee on parts. Body parts and auto body does not guarantee it. The key will be protected against damage caused by mechanical and electrical parts. The insurance Customers can choose from a stable of affiliated insurance companies only. Body parts have been repaired, which will depend on the type of insurance and the insurance amount agreed upon, which has chosen to emphasize that it only covered in case of accident 

4. coverage pattern. 

The program, extended warranties AsiaCare is designed to be used with a car last up to 10 years or 180,000 miles, which you can choose according to their suitability for cars, which guarantee that the city will have four levels: Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum, the car insurance. to see old cars or miles, which is generally well known, it will be three levels of insurance tier 1 tier 2 and tier 3 

This is the difference about extended warranties AsiaCare insurance for cars. two If you choose to provide coverage known as the risk that you get. Future costs will not escalate. It has a quality used car used carelessly. 

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